Swebounce is a Swedish company that create highly technical circus performances with custom-made choreographies for the requirements for the show. With more than 10 years of experience we have done everything from contemporary circus and dance shows to Opera and Theater. We have been doing events all over Europe, Asia and the Middle East for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Coca Cola, Adidas and HSBC. We have also been featured a lot on TV and in commercials.


Futuristic entertainment with stilts that make us jump over 2 meters high. As if that’s not enough we also do lots of flips all neatly choreographed to music.

Swebounce have done more shows on powerskips than any other team in the world. Seen by 300 million people on TV in China.

Roue Cyr

The performer stands inside a clean circle of metal. Together they move with a fluid motion as if they were one. With spins, hangs and cartwheels the act displays both power and beauty.

The ring symbolizes wholeness, completion and stillness within motion.

It also very often fits well with logos of different brands.

Welcome to Swebounce


Micke Maskin / Mike the Machine from Sweden got talent 2010.

This robot character can be put in any situation and in any make up, on stage, as a decoration or mingling around, since he controls the sounds and songs himself.

For mingle and smaller shows speakers in the costume are used and for bigger stage shows a sender is connected from the music device to the big speaker system.

Cirk Isis

Our newest show in cooperation with Cie Isis. After our first summer of touring we have had many great reviews. The show takes it’s place in a street show landscape with an old circus wagon.

But powerskips, trampoline, the trapeze rig on the roof of the caravan and the Roue cyr catapult us into the 21st century.


This is a real highlight. You could call it a fire show on steroids. The performer spins a staff that shoots up to 6 meter sparkles. We have also fitted the pyros to our Powerskips at the same time as we somersaults. Beautiful, spectacular and visual. Works great as a finale on an event.



Big act for big spaces. This performance is playful and full of hight and speed.

Flips from the trampolin, off the wall and from the wagon.

This act can off course be played with the humor and joy that the video shows or more clean costumes that would fit a cooperate event.


Wall Acrobatics

On a clean wall the performer floats in the air summersaulting sideways with full control and contact with the audience. This act is calm and very impressive.

It has been performed in such places as the Nobel ceremony in the Royal Blue hall and also at the magnificent Vasa museum.